Support For Parents - P7 to S1 PARENTS TRANSITION GROUP

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What is the P7 to S1 Parents Transition Group?

It is a 6-week course for parents/carers whose children are in the process of moving from primary school to secondary school. The programme was developed to support and provide information to parents/carers during the transition process.

The group is held in Armadale Academy so that participants have the opportunity to come into the school, have a look around and get a feel for what their child is going to experience. It is hoped that by visiting the school on a regular basis, parents/carers will gain knowledge of the school and will be able to relate to their children when the come home and describe their school experience.

Running the Children's and Parents Transition Group at the same time enables the group facilitators to discuss with parents/carers what their children have been doing each week. Parents/carers, in turn, can then discuss any issues or concerns with their children directly.

Feedback from parents has told us that they enjoyed having the opportunity to walk around the school, going into classes, changing rooms and the dining hall, when there were no children in the school. They appreciated this opportunity to have a good look at what facilities there are for their children within the high school.

It is hoped that by you attending the parent's group (while your child is attending theirs) that your child will feel you are actively involved in the whole transition process and you are taking an interest in this new chapter in their life.

Handouts are provided to group members as reminders of the things we have talked about each week.

The course aims are to:

  • Provide parents and children with a shared transition experience

  • Provide parents with the opportunity to discuss their experiences, hopes and concerns with other parents in the same situation

  • To work with parents and carers whose children are currently in Primary 7

  • To evaluate the group work programme fully, measuring outcomes and making recommendations for future programmes

The programme look like this:

  • Week 1 - What is Transition?

  • Week 2 - Parents and Young People's Feelings

  • Week 3 - School, Then and Now

  • Week 4 - Journey Through Primary and Secondary School

  • Week 5 - Negotiating With Teenagers

  • Week 6 - New School Tour

What Parents/Carers have said about the P7 to S1 Parents Transition Group:

"I found everything about the group helpful."

"I am pleased with what I have learned from attending this group."

"Meeting parents in the same situation."

"I enjoyed learning about how to help my child talk about his feelings and concerns about moving to high school."

"I enjoyed learning about what my child is doing during the Children's Transition Group."