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What is Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)?

VIG is an evidence based intervention to promote positive relationships and communication in families.

VIG aims to improve effective communication in the situation where it naturally occurs, building on the families' strengths. It does by:

  • Raising self-awareness and reflection

  • Increasing attuned responses to others

  • Activating service users to solve their own problems

  • Reframing perceptions

  • Reducing stress and increasing self-confidence

  • Achieving collaborative relationships

VIG is an intervention where the service user (parent or child) is guided to reflect on video clips of their own successful interactions. The process begins by helping the family to negotiate their own goals that they would like to chieve during the intervention. The goals are developed by asking the family what it is they would like to change.

Adult/child interactions are then filmed and edited to produce a short film that focuses on their positive interactions. In the video review sessions that follow, the family and VIG practitioner reviews the successful moments, particularly those when the adult has responded in an attuned way to the child's action or initiative using a combination of non-verbal and verbal responses. They reflect collaboratively on what they are doing that is contributing towards the achievement of their goals, celebrate success and then make further goals for change. These reflections move very quickly from analysis of the behaviour to the exploration of feelings, thoughts, wishes and intentions.

For more information on Video Interaction Guidance, please visit the official UK website -

Who would benefit from VIG?

Any parent or carer of a child aged between birth and 18 years old who would like to improve their interactions with that child or young person.

Where does VIG take place?

VIG sessions usually take place in the family home or in school.

What format does VIG take?

After a family has agreed that this support is the correct one for them, they would be offered three cycles of VIG.

One cycle consists of a videoing session where the client(s) and VIG Guider view the carefully edited footage together. If it is jointly agreed that more cycles are required, this can be arranged between the family and the VIG Guider.

How can I access VIG?

Please contact the Children & Young People Team - Tel. 01506 282948 or email

Is there a charge?

No, there is no charge.