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Bullying behaviour includes being called names or threatened, being hurt, having belongings stolen or damaged, being ignored or left out, receiving abusive texts or emails and generally being targeted for who you are or who you are perceived to be.

Bullying is never acceptable.

Bullying can have a huge impact on children and young people, most commonly by damaging self-esteem and confidence. It can lead to problems such as non-attendance at school, social isolation and even self-harm and eating disorders. The stress associated with bullying can also cause relationship difficulties and feelings of blame or guilt within families.

Signs to look out for in a child or young person include:

  • They become withdrawn

  • They don't want to go to school

  • They don't want to go out or play with friends

  • They complain of headaches, stomach aches or other pains

  • They become easily upset, bad tempered or display other out of character behaviour

The most important thing for a parent to do is to LISTEN and reassure, then discuss the way forward.

Downloadable documents:

  West Lothian School's Anti-Bullying Policy
  Good To Know (Advice for Parents and Carers of Teenagers) - Scottish Government document

Useful websites:



Useful contacts:

Your child's school - see contact information on West Lothian Council website
West Lothian Council Children & Young People Team - Tel. 01506 282948 or email cypt@westlothian.gov.uk