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Getting Through The Day was developed for younger children in 1994 with a group of parents.  It has since been developed for parents whose children are at Primary School. 

Being a parent can feel hard work at times so this course brings parents together to share ideas and worries so they can get support from each other, because parents are, after all, the experts on their own children. 

The course gives ideas on how children grow, and why they behave the way they do.  It looks at ways we can get on better with our children, and how we can say “No” and stick to it with a minimum of hassle. 

It also looks at how we can help our children at school, and work together with the teachers to make sure our children are getting the most they can from school. 


Overall aims of the course are:

  • To provide a forum for parents where they can share concerns and help each other.

  • To improve parent-child/child interactions.

  • That the overall aims serve to improve the children’s life chances and address issues troubling the children.

  • To empower parents in their relations with Social Work and with Education.

  • To build confidence in the parents.

  • To help build an “internal toolkit” that parents can use to resolve issues with their children.  So parents develop problem-      solving skills.

  • To help parents find ways to respond more thoughtfully (rather than react emotionally) to their children’s behaviour, so as to be more effective in changing behaviour.

  • To improve relations between the parents and the teachers and the school.

Who is the course for?

As it says in the title, it is for parents with children at Primary School.  Both mothers and fathers can attend, although we have sometimes run courses for mothers only, or fathers only.  We also have run courses in the evening, for those parents who are unable to attend during the day. 

Where are the courses run and is there a charge?

The courses run all over West Lothian, mainly in schools or Community Centres.  The courses are free.  We may be able to offer transport if needed. 

How do I get on a course?

Contact West Lothian Council's Children and Young People Team - Tel. 01506 282948 - and find out where the nearest course is for you, and when it runs.  Parents seem to learn best when they meet in groups to do the course.  But if you are unable to attend, there is a website where you can access handouts for the course. 

What parents say about the course

“I loved this course.  It helped me a lot with myself and my kids”.  

“It covered everything and was very helpful”. 

“It makes you feel you can do anything when you set your mind to it”.   

“I was such an angry mum before (doing Getting Through The Day), now I am calmer and it has changed the way I live my life”.

“You have to change, not the child.  You have to change your behaviour, not the child’s”. 

(The course) “helps you get through a lot and builds a better relationship with your kids”. 

“What a difference it has made to me.  I have more confidence and I stick up for myself more”.  

“I think this group has helped me immensely with confidence and keeping calm (less stressed)”. 

“It helps you realise that you are not the only one and the support you can get from the others in the group.  The tips you get help you understand your child”.

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