Support For Parents - GETTING THROUGH THE DAY 2

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Getting Through The Day 2 was developed as a follow up to other parenting courses but it can be run as a course in itself.

The course looks at how we can feel better about ourselves and overcome feelings and ideas that hold us back in life. It is about positive mental health - feeling good about ourselves and learning to deal better with the ups and downs of life.

This course was developed with parents for parents (mothers and fathers), so a lot of parents have contributed ideas. We hope people trying the programme will end up with a sort of "toolkit" in their heads that they can use when they feel down, depressed, stressed or angry. We hope that the topics we cover will 'refresh' our minds so we can be allowed to feel good in ourselves, enjoy our life and our children and feel able to go for what we want to do in life.

We all wish we could be more confident, or feel less depressed or angry. This course aims to make that wish a reality but we will need to help each other and work for it! This means we will need to try out the ideas at home during the week. There are no miracle solutions!

The course aims to:

  • Provide a place where parents can support each other so they are better at meeting their own needs

  • Learn ways of dealing more effectively with negative feelings, like anger or depression, and to find ways forward

  • Build participant's confidence

  • Provide ways where parents can make sense of things that are happening now or have happened in the past

  • Help parents be more assertive and stick up for themselves

The programme looks like this:

Week 1   -   Introductions
Week 2   -   What is mental health and wellbeing?
Week 3   -   Well being - feeling good
Week 4   -   Meditation and mindfulness
Week 5   -   Feeling overloaded with stress
Week 6   -   Building our self-confidence (1)
Week 7   -   Mindfulness
Week 8   -   Then and now
Week 9   -   Anger
Week 10  -  Negotiating and conflicts
Week 11  -  Negotiation and conflicts
Week 12  -  Assertion
Week 13  -  Building our self-confidence (1)
Week 14  -  What have we learned?

Who is the course for?

The course is for any parent, including those who have completed a parenting course. We have run several courses for mothers and also regular courses for fathers.

Where do the courses run?

Courses are run all over West Lothian, mainly in community centres. The courses are free of charge and we may be able to offer transport if required.

How do I get on a course?

Contact West Lothian Council's Children & Young People's Team - Tel. 01506 282948 or email
They will be able to tell you where and when the next course is being run. Parents seem to learn best when they meet in groups and, in this case, we think that the (few) handouts are best seen when doing the actual course although if you would like further information, do get in touch.

What parents have said about Getting Through The Day 2

"I got more understanding of myself and my family"

"My confidence has grown so much"

"My confidence has grown hugely because I believe in myself"

"I got a lot from the course - a better understanding of my mood and mood swings"

"I got ideas, friendship, confidence and a better lifestyle"

"I made friends who help me out when I'm feeling down"

"I am now able to stay calm and I listen more to my children"