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What is Incredible Years Parents & Toddlers Programme?

This programme supports parents and builds optimal parenting skills in the following ways:

  • Learning how child-directed play promotes positive relationships

  • Understanding how to use emotion coaching to build children's emotional vocabulary and encourage their expression of feelings

  • Building children's self esteem through praise and encouragement

  • Understanding how to set up programmes for problems such as dressing, compliance, sharing, eating, going to bed, toilet training and gentle animal care

  • Parents maintaining self control using calm down strategies and positive self-talk

  • ...... and more!

Who would benefit from these groups?

Any individual parent or couple with toddlers aged 1-3 years old.

Where do the groups run?

Programmes are run in the community in Community Centres, Early Years Centres or Nurseries.

What format do the groups take?

Groups run once per week for a twelve to fourteen week period. The programme uses multiple learning approaches - video modelling, group discussion and support, practice activities within sessions, home activities, reading or audio assignments, self-monitoring check lists and goals and leader teaching and support. The programme is highly interactive, collaborative and self-directed. There is often a creche available.

How can I access these groups?

Please contact Sure Start for more information - 01506 774700.

Is there a charge?

No, there is no charge.