Support For Parents - MELLOW PARENTING

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What is Mellow Parenting?

It is a course for parents lasting up to 14 weeks and which runs all day (9.30am - 2.30pm).

There are three parts to it:

  1. A session in the morning where parents explore their own needs.

  2. A session in the afternoon which looks at parenting - how to help with the child's overall development and manage behaviour of the child.

  3. Feedback on parent-child interactions using video films.

In addition, we film play sessions at lunch time which allows parents to reflect on how they are playing with their children. The course has run since the early 1990's and research has shown it is very effective and helps parents make significant changes in their lives. The course is offered to parents where there are concerns about the care of the children and all parents are referred. It is very intensive.

The course runs for:

  • mothers and their children

  • fathers and their children

  • young mothers with babies

  • parents whose children are in P1 or P2

The course was originally developed for mothers but in West Lothian we have developed the course for fathers and this has been very successful.

The aims of the course are:

  • To improve the confidence of the parents

  • To improve how parents and child get on together

  • To help the parents see the world more from the child's point of view

  • That parents are better able to manage the behaviour of the children and feel more confident in how they promote their child's development

Who is the course for?:

For parents (mothers and father have separate groups), mainly with children under 5 years, although there is a course for parents with younger primary school children).

Is there a charge?:

No, the course is free.

Where are the courses run?:

They run, mostly, in the two family centres in West Lothian - Livingston and Whitburn. Parents come from all over West Lothian and transport is normally offered.

What do I do to get on a course?:

If you want to get on a course, it is best if you already have a social worker or a health visitor and can discuss this with them Participants are referred, usually by social workers and health visitors.

The Programme:

Session Morning Session Afternoon Session
Intro Name Game and Group Agreement ----
Week 1 Being a Parent Understanding Parenting
Week 2 How Do I Feel About Myself Learning from Our Children Through Observation
Week 3 Mums and Dads - Whose Job Is It? Communicating With Our Children
Week 4 My Family Now and Then Everyone is Different
Week 5 Life Stories Encouragement
Week 6 Schooldays - Preparation For Life? Helping The Child Who Is Upset
Week 7 Sex and Relationships - Beyond The Bikeshed Anticipating Trouble
Week 8 Pregnancy and Birth Getting On With Our Children - Nice and Nasty
Week 9 Smacking Getting On With Our Children - Co-operation
Week 10 Anger and Violence Why Children Behave The Way They Do
Week 11 Assertion - Sticking Up For Ourselves Changing Behaviour
Week 12 Child Abuse Dealing With Temper Tantrums
Week 13 My Future and What Next? Problems and Solutions
Week 14 Endings ----

What parents have said about the group:

  • I have got more confidence.

  • More confidence with my children and within myself, learned to manage things better.

  • I have more love in the home and the family.

  • (I) control (my) temper, stand up for myself. I have more time talking and playing with my kids.

  • He has become more confident and likes playing with other kids.

  • Less temper tantrums. Better behaved at home and in public. Seems to pick up and learn things quicker.

  • I play more with my child and enjoy him.

  • It was a joy to be part of this group.