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What is Parenting Teenagers Programme?

Many parents describe parenthood as challenging and most think that they are the only ones experiencing these challenges.

This is the reason the Parenting Teenagers Programme has been developed by the Children and Young People Team. It was originally developed as a support group for parents and carers and has now evolved into a course that is delivered in lots of localities in West Lothian.

By providing the opportunity for parents and carers to meet with other parents and carers of teenagers, this allows parents to realise that they are not alone and others are experiencing similar challenges. This commonality allows parents to support each other during group sessions and, after the group ends, should they choose to keep in contact with each other.

When attending the course, parents and carers are encouraged to reflect back to when they were a teenager. Participants will learn about why teenagers behave and interact the way they do, as well as learning some positive behaviour management strategies.

During the course, parents and carers learn the importance of taking care of themselves. Using different strategies to interact with their teenager and the importance of teenagers needing to feel secure, loved and valued by their parents or carers.

Who would benefit from these groups?

Anyone taking on a caring role for a young person aged between 12 and 16 years old and who would like support and learn strategies to solve particular parenting problems or simply to get support from other parents or carers.

Where do the groups run?

The groups are delivered in different community settings, including some secondary schools in West Lothian. To find out when the next group will be running please see the contact details below.

What format do the groups take?

The Parenting Teenagers Programme is delivered over 12 weekly sessions with each session lasting two hours.

Some groups run during the day and some in the evening depending on the requests of parents and carers who register to attend. 

How can I access these groups?

Contact the Children & Young People Team - Tel. 01506 282948 or email

Is there a charge?

No, there is no charge.