Support For Parents - POSITIVE STEPS

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Positive Steps is a group for women suffering from depression or anxiety in the post partum period.  The group is a 12 weeks structured programme and aims to support those parents who attend to identify signs and symptoms of postnatal illness; develop more appropriate coping strategies as well as introduce anxiety management techniques. Each session lasts for 2 hours.

Within the 12-week programme there are four ‘Baby and Me’ sessions which are designed to support mothers in their interaction and relationships with their babies.

All participants must be diagnosed with Postnatal Illness and have at least one child under the age of a year. 

The children are cared for within the baby group with the support of qualified nursery officers. 

The course aims are:

  • To provide a supportive group environment to discuss/share issues relating to your well being

  • To recognise/identify signs and symptoms of postnatal disorder that effect well being

  • To develop coping strategies and enhance self care

  • To identify own strengths and challenges

  • To learn relaxation, anxiety management and assertion techniques

  • To help reduce social isolation

  • To develop a repertoire of local resources

  • To promote bonding experiences and increase awareness of your baby's cues

  • To develop good communication, interaction and fun with your baby

The programme looks like this:

Week 1  -  Getting to know each other

Week 2  -  What is postnatal illness?

Week 3  -  My Pregnancy

Week 4  -  Baby and Me

Week 5  -  Self-Esteem

Week 6  -  Assertiveness

Week 7  -  Baby and Me

Week 8  -  Unrealistic Expectations

Week 9  -  Baby and Me

Week 10  -  Developing a more helpful thinking style

Week 11  -  Baby and Me

Week 12  -  Putting it all together 

For more information on Positive Steps please contact Sure Start on 01506 774700 or your Health Professional.